WTF Friday: Vol. 13

This was an interesting week to be a Northern Italian, specifically in the small village of Settecani.

People there turned on their faucets, and literally got red wine coming out. Which would be kind of awesome, right up until you need to take a shower or something, and you smell like a college town back alley.

According to the article I found, the local winery had a silo start leaking, which got into the water supply, which is why all the residents got a boozy surprise the other day.

Raise your hand if you knew there were giant wine silos, because I didn’t and I feel like I should have.

I guess we both know now.

Now that I think about it, it seems pretty obvious.

What do you think Dissy?

Wait… what??

I’d love to know how this seems obvious? I thought they kept this shit in barrels.

Know what’s even more fucked up? I went searching for the article so I could get details, and, guess what? This isn’t the first time this has happened! I guess in other incidents, wine has spilled onto the ground.

Is there an Italian equivalent to the Valdez? Wait… wasn’t that guy drunk, too?

I suppose I’d rather live in Italy, where wine spills are more of a concern than this oil pipeline bullshit we deal with over here.

I’m not really a wine fan, though, and watered down Lambrusco sounds even less appealing than drinking just about anything. Note that I said “just about”. Get me some vodka coming out of my tap, then we’re in business.

I need to know who is responsible for this plumbing fiasco. They said there were no concerns for cleanliness or safety, as the wine in question was already ready for bottling. So what kind of system is this that their wine can just get misrouted right quick?

More than anything, though, (since this was in Italy) I want to know if they clinked glasses and said…

wait for it…

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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