Monday Musings With Dissy: episode 7

My cup runneth over…

Today, I got a package delivered from Amazon. It was a birthday gift from my son. He told me to expect it then said, “it’s not much, but I hope you like it.”

What he doesn’t know is how badly I wanted it and how hard it was to add it to my wish list without just buying it myself. He doesn’t know how I have had the exact perfect spot chosen for it since I laid eyes on it.

In this picture, I see a thousand or more wishes, and most of them are for him.

This is going to be a big laundry week for me. I have to wash my blankets. They are starting to smell like my sweet Daisy-Lou. It’s all good, though. I have a loving, faithful companion who loves to cuddle up next to me at bedtime.

I think the back and forth in my mind these days is a result of attempting a better path, of making the choice for joy or, if I can’t quite muster up “joy,” then happiness, contentment, and gratitude suffice.

I put some feelings out there on my personal blog yesterday. I think that’s partially the cause of my feeling so good right now. Throwing the thoughs out of my head and into the blogosphere serves to purge my mind and to potentially be information to which another lost soul can relate, and, as a result, maybe not feel so alone. This, I now see, is my mission, should I choose to accept it.

And I do. I do accept this mission. No more basic or boring blogs from me.

Have a wonderful week!

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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