Witchy Wednesday: Take 9

How did I get here?

Hello, Witches!! I hope this post finds you all well and happy.

Lately, I (Dissy) have had a fascination with oracle decks. They seem, to me, to be a little more informative than tarot (some may find the opposite to be true), and, lucky me, I just found a new one! I saw a picture of it in my facebook news feed, and I ordered one for myself.

The Empathic Oracle

Barb and I decided that, in honor of my looming big 5-0 (one week from yesterday), we would do a reading with this new deck to give me some ideas on the flow of energies around me. I figured I would share that with you so you could get an idea of how I learn to work with a new deck. Maybe that information will be helpful to you; maybe not.

There is no hard and fast way to “learn” to read cards, but my method is to work with one of the spreads suggested in the deck’s guide book. For today’s reading, I selected the “how did I get here” post. This spread gives a little more in-depth information to a classic three card timeline spread.

Next, I contemplate my layout, I look up the meanings to the cards, and then I see what my intuition tells me. So, here’s my spread.

this is the “how did I get here” spread.

Position 1 represents past relevant energies. We see here I have, in that spot, the “Predator” card. Per the book, this card represents involvement with people or situations whose energies do not match my own. In this spot, it’s indicating past involvements with people who are drawn to me because of a higher vibrational energy within me. The classic example is someone looking looking for happiness or completion outside of his or her self, yet this person refuses to do the work to help his or her self.

Position 2 represents the energy surrounding the situation right now. In this spot, I have the “Fire” card. The book tells us that fire represents transmutation, or, change. It burns away the weeds of the past so that the new can be created. No one could say there isn’t a ton of change going on around me. In fact, there has been for some time. There are a lot of symbols that could represent change, and, for me, personally, fire is a bit dramatic. For me, it’s a “hey, get up off your ass and get moving” message.

Position 3 represents possible hidden energies affecting the situation. Card 3, for me, is the “Solar Plexus Chakra” card. The solar plexus chakra is the seat of the “will” and/or the deep self. It is the spot from which choices should be made, and those choices should be free of fear, worry, or guilt. Currently, I do have a lot of fear. I have a fear of making wrong choices, so I tend to just not make them and sit still, so to speak. This is the part that needs work in order for progress to be made.

Position 4 represents a possible energetic action to take for the highest possible outcome. In this spot, I have the “Spring” card. Our handy-dandy little book tells us (and who doesn’t know this) that spring is the time of rebirth and renewal. Life awakens from the slumber of winter and begins to grow once again. When we plant our proverbial seeds, it is done with a plan, and this plan is formulated by our past.  What have our former harvests looked like? What worked? What did not work? How can we make it better?  The card in this position is indicating the need to transmute experience into wisdom in order to take the best course of action.

Position 5 represents the most likely outcome. For my spread, I have the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” card. The book indicates that this card is a reminder to avoid thinking that “what is will always be.” Yes, these are dark times, and this, too, shall pass. Yes. It is dark, but make sure to take notice of the fact that it is not nearly as dark as it was a year ago. It’s also yet another of those broad reminders to let go of the bad energies so the good has room to flow in.

I’d say this spread is pretty spot on to the state of my life. If I am willing to do the work, it’ll all be fine.

What are your thoughts, Barb?

I Would have to agree, the cards are incredibly accurate. Life hasn’t exactly been lollipops and rainbows for you recently, and it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of “this is how life is”.

It’s time to take a deep breath, brush the cobwebs off your self-esteem, and get busy making this merry go round your bitch. Because you are too awesome to let the ick get you down.

Love you!

Time to get to work.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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