WTF Friday: Vol 8

Oh Florida, you never fail us….

Mother upset after daycare worker writes on baby’s stomach

SANIBEL, FL — A daycare worker in Sanibel, Florida sent a note home to mom by writing on her baby with a marker.

Apparently, the daycare worker had put a note on the baby’s daily report the previous day, letting Mom know the baby was low on diapers. As happens sometimes, the Mom missed the note, so she didn’t send more in. Now, what would a reasonable person do under these circumstances?

Mention to Mom at pickup, “Oh hey, little dude needs more diapers. I put it on his report, but you may have missed it”?

Of course not. You write a giant note in marker all over the baby’s chest and stomach. Make sure it’s super judgy and rude too:

You can see the words: “Mom I’m out of diapers. Please read my report” written on the child’s stomach.

I looked for a picture in the article, but it was only a video.

This poor woman has spent two days trying to wash the sharpie off her kid, all because some daycare worker decided the best way to handle a minor situation was to write all over a baby. Mom even said during the news report that if they felt a note was better than saying something to her, why not write it on the diaper he was wearing?

Personally, I probably would have smacked the unholy fuck out of someone if it was my little one who got Post Malone’d, what about you Dissy?

Note: we are not, nor will we EVER put pictures of that homely ass motherfucker in our blog.

Well, I mean, we reeeeeeally don’t know this broad. Maybe they’re constantly having to remind her of shit.

“hey, pay your daycare bill.”
“hey, send snacks for your kid.”
“hey, do a better job of wiping your kid’s ass.”

“hey, go get your kid vaccinated.”
“hey, it’s 180 degrees out and you forgot your kid in the car.”
“hey, keep your kid home when he’s sick.”

There are just too many unknowns here for me to decide the daycare worker (who was, in fact, fired for the incident) was totally in the wrong here. Sure… it’s extreme, but we are so quick to point fingers at caregivers and educators these days, and I’ve simply resolved to never, ever be that person. Short of giving the kid or mom a black eye, I’m going to chalk it up to frustration because mom is continually neglecting to hold up her share of responsibility. People do not resort to these tactics because of a one-time incident.


There probably was paperwork signed in the enrollment process that clearly states communications will be sent in writing. Pick ups and drop offs are usually hectic times for both parents and caregivers, and we are asking one caregiver to remember shit for how many kids, and we’re asking mom to be responsible for her one child?

Go buy some fucking diapers, lady.

Besides, the kid probably thought the tummy note tickled.

And THOSE are Dissy’s thoughts on this week’s WTF Friday.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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