The Problem With Positivity

I came across another one of those stupid Inspirational Memes today. You know the kind I’m talking about.

What? Not this kind? oops… my bad.

Yes, you’re paying half your monthly income in rent for a mold infested shithole, but some people are homeless so you’re still #blessed.

Sure, your job doesn’t pay enough for you to afford food, and your boss screams and swears at you constantly, but not everyone has a job, quit whining and be grateful.

Not this one either? Boy… I’m off on my meme game today.

Of course, they’re never that honest. It’s always some sickly sweet, condescending, passive aggressive reminder that it’s never okay to be unhappy about any aspect of your life because someone else always has it worse.

Of course, positive thinking isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. No one wants to be around the person who can find the dark cloud in any silver lining. What I have a problem with is the relentless pressure to never have “bad” feelings. Sadness, anger, disappointment, these are all to be stamped out and replaced with cheery gratitude.

ewwww… gag me with a barrel of shitty bourbon.

I’ve heard people refer to this as the Oppression Olympics. The guy with the flu isn’t allowed to feel shitty about being sick, because the guy three houses down got his arm ripped off in a woodchipper. And woodchipper guy isn’t allowed to be upset about that, because the guy across town has terminal cancer. On and on it goes.

Why do we do this to ourselves? As with most things, ask yourself the most important question:

Who benefits?

Who has something to gain from keeping us broke, sick, exhausted, and pitted against each other? Not us. So lets put a stop to it, okay?

“Til next time,

Cent’anni Bitches!

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