Witchy Wednesday: Take 8

I was doing some meandering along the interwebz, and came across this:

How Do You Witch Every Day?

The article itself is well written and definitely worth reading, but I found it especially valuable considering the sad state of modern “witchcraft”. As I’ve mentioned before, too many people treat us like an aesthetic rather than a belief system, so I think a discussion about how this is a lifelong commitment is a beautiful thing.

Personally, one of the things I do every day is write down absolutely everything. Not only do I document appointments, events that seem significant, weather patterns, and other such daily minutiae, I plan everything I possibly can.

she really does write everything down.

Right now, I have a budget mapped out through the end of this year, lists of what episode I’m on for that show with 17 seasons I just discovered a couple weeks ago, daily tasks for work and home, you name it. Spreadsheets are my favorite thing ever, and yes, I realize what a bizarre statement that is.

The thing is, having things in writing helps me to focus my intentions for everything I do. The budget planned out a year in advance? It’s all about having something I can look at and touch spelling out the steps towards achieving financial goals.

witches really do stick everything in jars.

Secondly, I am very much a kitchen witch. Obviously that means having plenty of rituals around “big” meals, like holidays, but it’s also part of my everyday life. Throwing together that pb&j sandwich can still be a sacred act, all it takes is a moment of reflection on how lucky I am to have access to convenient, nutritious food.

What about you Dissy?

I remember reading a similar article a while back about how it’s a spell, of some sort, for a witch to make her bed every morning. It’s a form of closing the dormant time, and, when you pull your covers back to get into bed at night, you are opening the portal to rest and rejuvenation. And look at that… it’s also part of the cycle of the day, cycle of the year, cycle of life.

I realized this is something I have done every day for years. I always make the bed. I can’t stand sleeping in a messy bed, and I have coordinated bed linens, so I like it to look nice. Even if I’m the only one who sees it. .

no. this is not my bed. my dog would get that stuff dirty.

When I shower, I make it a point to wash the figurative crap of the day away.

When I sweep, I recite the broom chant:

“Sweep sweep sweep the floor
down the hall and out the door.
Anger and worry are swept away
good health and love may always stay.”

I had a friend comment on something I put on the ole facetyspace the other day. He said “everything is spiritual,” basically commenting about all the memes going around saying this and that are “spiritual.” And, actually, if you make a conscious effort to make it as such, yes, everything can be spiritual. For those who wonder why you would want to make everything spiritual, I reply with this: Why wouldn’t you want to?

Have an awesome Witchy Wednesday!!

Cent’anni, Witches!

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