Tandem Tuesday: chapter 7

Kat didn’t know what to say. This story Em was telling her was … impossible.

“Kathryn, get that look off your face. Do you need me to prove it to you?” Em asked the incredulous young woman next to her.

“Can you… can you make things move, Em?”

“Of course not, silly. We all have different talents. Your mother, though, she was special. She could do it all.” Em took a deep breath. “Me? I have the gift of clairvoyance.”

“I need to know more about all of this eventually, Em. But how did any of this culminate in such a rift in our family? Especially with no loss of love. You have gone on for years about what a wonderful daughter my mother was, you say you love my father like he was your own. They never spoke ill of you. I… I don’t understand.”

Kat was beyond confused. Such things just … couldn’t … then again… hadn’t she caught glimpses? glimpses of something there inside her, just beneath the surface?

“You do always ask the challenging questions, don’t you, Kat?” Em sighed in resignation. “I will do my best. We do need to head inside now though; it’s getting ready to rain.”

Rain? There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, Kat thought.

After they went inside, of course, Em insisted that they have dinner. “It’s been a long day. We have lots of plans for tomorrow, so we will want to turn in early. It just makes sense to do it now,” Em pressed on.

She’s gathering her resolve, Kat saw through her grandmother’s delays. This next part must be painful for her. This knowledge sparked Kat’s empathy, so she resolved to not make this any more difficult for Em. She didn’t know what the story was, in its totality. She didn’t know why any of this happened, but she did know one thing for sure and for certain.

By all parties involved, she was loved beyond measure.

Sometime between the appetizers and the main course, the storm rolled in.

After dessert, they went back to their room and went through their night time rituals. Foregoing the television, Em suggested they lie in the dark for a little while and watch the stars that were glimmering in the now clear night sky. The ocean was calm, the air was perfect, and all the world seemed to be at peace.

As they watched the stars, Em reached over and took Kat’s hand.

“Your mother was always such a daddy’s girl…”

… to be continued

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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