Witchy Wednesday: Take 6

Hello All!

This week, we’re answering more reader questions. Remember, whatever you want to know, say the word!

~ Barb ~

A lot of people were curious about various aspects of spell work, so I’ll tackle those first.

Q.  How often do you practice?

A.  The thing to keep in mind here is, there is a difference between types of ritual. There are the eight yearly rituals for holidays, which are generally celebratory. Some people choose to also hold ritual on full and/or new moons every month, which can include spell work if you choose. You can also decide to do workings whenever you feel it’s necessary. The important thing is to make sure you carefully research and make sure all your T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. The Universe has a very…interesting sense of humor.

Q.  Talk to me about love spells, I’ve heard they’re really bad, why is that?

A.  My big issue with love spells is you’re interfering with someone’s free will. That’s not okay, and you’ll never have a healthy relationship with someone based off manipulation. Not to mention, things get awfully squicky in the consent department when you get into more, shall we say, intimate aspects. If you want to bring love into your life, the best thing to do is work on yourself. Everyone has things that could be improved, so put your time and energy into making yourself the best you possible. While doing that, there’s nothing wrong with asking the Universe to help you be more open to what you want. Best rule of thumb? If you’re contemplating something that would probably be considered romantic in an 80s era movie, just don’t.

Q.  What about money spells?

A.  Money spells can be perfectly fine, as long as you’re really careful. First and foremost, if you’re struggling financially, don’t go spend $100 at the local shop buying supplies for a money spell. People have done this, and it’s just illogical. Also, as Dissy mentioned previously, be specific and exact in your wording. If you aren’t clear, things can and will go sideways. Go back to last week’s episode and read what she wrote there, it’s great advice.

~ Dissy ~

I’m thinking Barb covered these really well. I can’t think of anything I would need to add. Bottom line? Don’t be a dick.

I was also asked about hexing.  Yes. That is a thing. It’s a thing that can and does happen. It isn’t something that should be entered into lightly, and it’s not something that should be done in the heat of anger. Be careful what you wish for, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ALWAYS ask yourself
“is it really worth it?”

Always remember… the most potent magick is done for one’s self by one’s self.

Have a great rest of your week!!

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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