Monday Musings With Dissy: episode 3

In this day and age…

In this modern era of technology, it completely astounds me the things people still do even though it’s been demonstrated and broadcasted repeatedly that so-and-so (insert preferred risky activity) is just a bad idea. I’m not talking about pissing on an electric fence-type activities that seem like rites of passage for the youngsters. I’m talking about the things we hear about to a seemingly ridiculous degree.

Let’s go over a few of my favorite examples:

Unsolicited Dick pics are never a good idea.

Being a freshly single person, I did some asking around in anticipation of re-entering the realm of dating. Imagine my dismay when I learned that dick pics are still a thing.


Why has no one paid attention to the fact that one-hundred percent of these pictures get passed around to our friends and laughed at over our lattes?

I remember my first encounter with something like this. I was on yahoo instant messenger. Some random schmuck who was messaging me turned on his web cam, and, like an idiot, I accepted. He was sitting there buck-ass nekkid. I hurriedly typed “Ewwwww… I have company. All my friends can see you.” he disappeared. It stands to reason that this isn’t a desired outcome, so why put yourself out there that way? It’s just fucking gross.

My personal favorite:

Women simply have no excuse for this bullshit. We all know better. You don’t get a facial the day before or of your big day, you don’t get your hair cut or colored the day of or before your big day, and you sure as shit do not do a detox that week. (see what I did there?)

During the wedding, too. What the shit? (see? I did it again)

Especially when there’s a fifteen thousand dollar goddamn dress on the line. Let’s not get into the ridiculousness of shelling out that kind of loot for a dress that will be worn once. I mean, I might do it at some point, so that’s not the part I’m going to judge. Why would you risk such a huge investment by doing a detox? You literally have the entirety of knowledge at your finger tips. You have the capability of finding out what may happen if you do this. No excuse. None.

I just… I … I can’t comprehend it.

For all of the ways we’ve evolved as a society, some folks just can’t seem to break away from that “I’m special” mentality. You know… that thing in your head that says “I can do this. Nothing bad will happen to me…” And it might not be as bad if they didn’t act all shocked and shaken when something bad actually does happen.

There are a lot more serious topics I have a hard time believing people still try to get away with, but I try to keep things humorous, and I don’t want to talk about them because of the probable ensuing shitstorm (I can’t stop).


Well, I’m going to call this a blog. I have to go and show my neighbor these pictures…

Cent’anni, bitches!

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