WTF Friday: Vol 4

Santa did what??

Well, I guess we have our answer now about how Santa manages to finish all those deliveries in one night! Wal-Mart Canada had to pull a sweater off their website, because it showed the Very Jolly old elf sitting at a table with several lines of cocaine.

In case there was any doubt, Santa’s eyes are bulging out of his head, and he has a straw in one hand. If that’s still too ambiguous for you, the product description makes multiple references to how the best “snow” is South American. Ya know, that part of the world NOT exactly known for its skiing?

Wal-Mart has issued the usual statement about how the sweater was from a third party, and does not reflect their values, blah blah, we all know the drill. Which begs the question, how easy is it to just put something up for sale on a major retailer’s website? Shouldn’t there be better safeguards in place? Is no one checking these things?

What do you think Dissy?

To be 100% perfectly honest? I think it’s awesome, and I wish I had gotten one. I mean, how do we know it’s not sno-caine or maybe he’s going to snort some Goody’s powders for a massive headache? I’m not convinced it’s a genuine stash of blow just because an advertisement blatantly implies that’s what it is.

Then again, you know me. I pretty well reject out of hand any information provided by any kind of thing that can be deemed “media.”

In fact, I’m not entirely certain that even is, for a fact, Santa. I mean, unless he’s become a vampire. Look at those teeth. Speaking of which, since the teeth are still in relatively good shape, at least we know the substance on the table isn’t meth.

I think someone is trying to frame the old dude, and I am not cool with that.

We need to set up a Go Fund Me for his legal defense.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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