Witchy Wednesday: Take 4

New year, new you, right? For the Witch, this isn’t really the time for celebrating the new year, but we will play along with y’all. So, Happy New Year, and all that jolly shit.

For new beginnings, it’s always a good time to do a little divination work, so today, Barb and I thought we would offer up two one-card readings to sort of get a vibe on the new year.

Today, we are using The Dark Goddess Oracle:

For my pull, I drew Cailleach, which, in Gaelic sounds a little like “Kyla” with some gutteral, plegm-y sounds thrown in for good measure. Anywho… Here’s a picture of the card.

You also see the word “endurance” at the bottom of the card.

Cailleach is the archetypal “survivor” goddess of Gaelic origin. Known also as “the veiled one,” she resided on high cliff tops and was associated with wet and windy weather. Cailleach endured all things, outliving all those around her. She was the epitome of the circle of life throughout the seasons, for, without her forced dormancy, there would be no energy left to carry through the spring, summer, and fall that follow the cold winter.

My interpretation of this card is “you’ve got this.” While winter may (figurative or literal) be messy, through perseverance, it is possible to simply outlast life’s messiness and to get on with the more pleasant things that will follow. For me, she’s kind of a symbol of obstinance. She wins just in the pure act of hanging in there, taking the rest she needs, and showing up for the next day. It doesn’t speak of battles or victories in that sense. Just in doing what needs done, so hang in there, show up, and git ‘er done.

Barb’s draw was of Diti, with the word “revenge” on the bottom.

Diti is the archetypal “avenger” goddess of Hindu origin. She wanted a son who could destroy Indra, who kept killing her children. Instead, indra shattered the fetus into pieces, resulting in the creation of the Maruts, or Hindu race of demons.

I was a bit taken aback by my draw, after all Hindu goddess of vengeance and mother of demons doesn’t sound particularly cheery. But after some thought, I get it now. All of Diti’s plans went wrong, because she didn’t think first. She reacted out of fury, went charging full steam ahead, and caused herself more problems.

So I’d say the message here is to take a breath and think. Stop letting shitty people piss me off, and remember what really matters.

After all, as the saying goes, the best revenge is living well.

Happy New Year, and

Cent’Anni Bitches!

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