A Blog About Nothing

Sometimes, it is imperative to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes, your head needs a rest. Sometimes, your body has to rest so that your head can get it back in gear.

I have this ummmm…. friend… (*cough cough Barb cough cough*) who is constantly running and doing and taking care and is always forgetting to first take care of herself.

This one day, I told her I was going to start making her come over to my house once a week so she can sit there and do absolutely nothing.

“Well, okay, as long as Jay…” She said

“You’re going.” Jay, her husband, ordered.

So, every Tuesday night, we have a date to sit in my kitchen and do absolutely nothing. I make food for us, and there’s usually alcohol involved. Wine? pfft… that’s for other people. We like vodka.

Sometimes, we meditate, but usually, we just sit around and shoot the shit. The conversations get hysterical. I’m sure most of them will end up here.

This process is beneficial for me as well. I mean, I’m not as go go go as Barb is. I do take my “nothing” time when I need to, but I do acknowledge that I’ve been isolating lately. It seems that I work and go home. This time on Tuesdays gives me some socialization and reminds me that I really do enjoy company and interaction. Plus? She is my sister, so even if I hated company and interaction, she would be one of the exceptions to that.

How about you? Is there any time you spend doing absolutely nothing?

Of course we have whipped cream. What are we, Barbarians?

From Barb:

I have genuinely come to cherish that one night a week, especially during the holidays when my life gets even more chaotic. 

I am, admittedly, terrible at taking care of myself. I’m sure part of it comes from the way I was raised. Every day was rigidly scheduled, from waking up to going to sleep. 

One thing that was never part of the schedule, was downtime. Any time spent not working was wasted. Rest was laziness. 

It’s been a long road purging that particular toxic mess from my brain, and some days the mess wins. But I’ve made quite a bit of progress, to the point where I can comfortably say sometimes, “I have done nothing.”

and on the second day, there was Vodka.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

4 thoughts on “A Blog About Nothing”

  1. Unstructured time rules. A day when no one requires me to do anything, other than what I choose, is a blessing. It is not laziness; this need is the very root of sanity.

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