Hey! It’s a HOLIDAY!

Yuletide blessings to one and all from your FAVORITE assholes!!

May the coming year bless you with warmth, love, joy, prosperity, and an abundance of wonderful things (of course all the wonderful things. I mean, who wants an abundance of bullshit?). Classically, winter is a time of inner reflection and assimilating the wisdom of the things you’ve learned this year.

Santa apparently learned squirrels are more reliable than reindeer?

Where can you do better? Where can you grow? What was good? What was bad? What worked? What didn’t? Is there anything you need more/less of in your life? What habits/practices/things/people no longer serve your greater good? What can we bring closer? What can we let go? In the coming year, what seeds (literal and figurative) do we want to plant and bring to fruition? How can you ensure a bountiful harvest (literally and figuratively)?

If you’d like to experience a pagan type ceremony, light a candle tonight, turn off all the other lights, and contemplate these things. Where is your energy best focused?.

Please carry our best wishes for love, joy, and prosperity. Oh, and just enough assholery to keep things interesting.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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