Barb here, for the second installment of “What the bag of cats running my brain are thinking about today”, we’re tackling the women’s clothing industry. Please keep all arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

So, I was looking at Halloween leggings, because I don’t have a pair, and the only reason to wear leggings is to get as obnoxiously loud of a pattern as possible. Just like my beloved rubber rain boots, I searched far and wide until I found the worst pair I could get my hands on. They’re hideous, and I love them. Anyway, back to the leggings search.

Now the good news is, there are 974,862 different kinds of Halloween leggings. The bad news is, a lot of them are poorly made crap. The inspiration for today’s rant was a skull patterned pair I thought looked cute. The description said to double check their size chart, because they tended to run small. Okay, not a problem. Oh, “runs small” means the 2X size fits UP TO a 27” waist? That’s a fucking problem.

Women’s clothing in general is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Everything is too thin, too short, too tight, and way too expensive. No fashion industry, I’m not interested in paying $40 for a “hoodie” that ends just above my waist and is thin enough to see light through, with random sheer panels. Especially when I can go to the Men’s department and buy one that will actually keep me warm for $12.

But you know what? I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to buy clothes in the women’s department, designed to fit a woman’s body. As should women who don’t feel comfortable shopping in the Men’s department. And the ones who are too small to fit into anything there. And the ones who just don’t want the boxy, shapeless appearance of wearing things that were obviously not made for them.

The hoodie I’m wearing right now is a Men’s extra-large, because the large doesn’t fit my boobs. Not the hoodie’s fault, it wasn’t designed to. But this also means it comes down to mid-thigh on me. And the sleeves cover my hands. I look like a kid playing dress up, because my only other option is to freeze my nipples off. Yes, my office is a frozen wasteland of stupid, don’t judge me.

The main argument I hear from fuckwits is that stores only stock this stupid shit because we buy it. As opposed to what exactly? Last time I checked, public nudity is still frowned upon, because we never get to have any fun.

Anyway, this has turned into a novel, so I’m going to end things here, with these final words of wisdom. The fashion industry can suck my entire fat ass.

Side note from Dissy: And pockets. WHY can’t women have decent fucking pockets in a pair of pants???

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  1. And how does that happen?! Clothes for baby girls, female adolescents, tweens, young ladies…these fashions are all adorable…


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