Witchy Wednesday: Take 2

Good afternoon, my pretties… *cackle*. Welcome to this week’s installment of Witchy Wednesday.

Last week, we mentioned that we were willing to answer questions on this blog about being witches. Our friend, Mark, was happy to supply us with some questions, you know, since we made him. But, maybe this will inspire YOU to ask away, as you will see what kind of questions we mean, but don’t limit yourselves to questions like these. Just about anything goes.

  1. What is the best part about being a Witch?

Dissy: Well, for me, I’d have to say that the best part of being a Witch is the community with which I’ve become involved. Community is so important. Even though each and every one of us has paths/beliefs/practices that differ by a lot more than Baskin Robbins’ 84,000 flavors, there is a basic, underlying sameness to us all. The one thing I have learned, though, as with most walks of life out there, we have our pockets of awesomeness, and we have our pockets of assholes. In our community, it’s pretty easy to tell who is what.


I would have to say the tremendous sense of relief when I found out I wasn’t alone. Growing up, I always thought there was something very wrong with me, because everyone around me was chugging along contentedly going to church once a week with no questions, doubts, or concerns. There was no one in my life who found anything odd about mindless obedience. Looking back, I suspect there actually were, but they kept it a secret. Making a little kid feel less alone wasn’t worth the social cost of being labeled a freak the way I had been.

So, as you can imagine, discovering the existence of others, who were like me, was better than winning the lottery.

2. What are the qualifications? What makes a Witch a Witch?

Dissy: Well, I’ve had my witchy license for a great many years. I know I had to pass basic broom maneuverability and flying, eye of newt care, and general spell casting. hahaha… I kid. The only qualifications I can thing of are the intent to be a witch and the willingness to do the work.


As far as qualifications go, I can only offer my own thoughts, it’s not like there’s a licensing agency or something, haha! Being a true witch involves studying those who came before us, investing time and energy into seeking to understand their wisdom. You have to immerse yourself in ritual and meditation, learning to quiet your mind and hear the whispered voices of the divine.

I do think it’s hypothetically possible for almost anyone to be part of our craft in its many forms, however it’s not a path for you if you’re someone who needs to have an authority figure dictate every aspect of life to you. Are you capable of thinking through a situation, looking at all the ways you might handle it including potential pitfalls, and making an informed decision about what to do? What will you do when, inevitably, despite your best efforts you fuck it up sometimes?

The craft isn’t always glamorous, it can be hard, dirty work, but it’s always worth it.

 I’m sure some of you will read this and decide I’m an arrogant piece of shit who has NO idea what I’m taking about. Who the hell am I to tell you who is and isn’t “valid”? And that’s fine. Go forth, post screenshots from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and shout to the skies how you’re totally just as much a witch as the rest of us.We’ll be there to help you clean up the mess when you dabble in something you don’t understand and end up with a haunted underwear drawer. And most of us will be nice enough not to say, “I told you so”.

The Winter Solstice is coming up. We figured we’d talk a little about that, too.

By and large, pagan holidays are based on agriculture and the need to feed/shelter one’s self and one’s family. Winter time is considered a “masculine” time of the year, as, without going into the plethora of legends, it is the time of the hunt, as the land is barren, frozen, and cold.

The days following the solstice slowly grow longer. In fact, some say we herald the rebirth of the sun. The days grow longer, the light of the sun grows stronger, and hope for the coming spring and summer begins to grown. Winter is a time for reflection and for looking inward. What seeds, literal or figurative, would you like to plant? How was your harvest this past year? What do you want to be/become? How can you get there? Is there anything you’d like to release? What practices/beliefs no longer serve you?

Journaling is an excellent practice for the inner reflection. Truly, it helps you to turn knowledge into wisdom, and who couldn’t use more of that?

Best wishes for a most joyous Yuletide!!

Cent’anni, Bitches!!

1 thought on “Witchy Wednesday: Take 2”

  1. I love that you have 2 different answers, and you’re both right! Witchcraft lives in the soul, and no 2 are alike.
    Love the blogs! Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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