Tandem Tuesday: Chapter 1

“Ah geez,” Kathryn Marlowe thought to herself as she watched the skinny, tattooed kid with a blue mohawk get up and walk to the back of the bus.  She had just sat down next to him on the side-running bench on the Number 8 that would drop her off just a few doors down from her apartment building.

All Kathryn (Kat to her friends) had really done was glance his way, but she knew what was up. The same thing had happened with an elderly woman who was in front of her in the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store the other day. 

“Oh honey, pardon me,” the elderly woman had said before she flew off down the aisle.

“I really have to do something about this. Otherwise, I’m going to scare the whole city away” Kat thought.  “Next thing you know, I’ll be terrifying infants and toddlers.”

Normally, she tried to look friendly, but she just didn’t have it in her lately, and, as this past week had shown, Kat’s resting bitch face was a force to be reckoned with.

Being on the bus today was, for Kat, a rarity.  She usually walked home from work, but today, she was not in the mood to be out in the rain.  Worse yet, it was expected to turn into snow.  Kat planned on being home long before any of that nonsense started. 

Why she didn’t just haul stakes for a warmer climate was beyond her.  Goodness knew there was nothing keeping her up north anymore.  Kat had lost her parents long ago, and, when her marriage fell apart, there really was no reason to stay in suburbia.  Instead of making a huge leap into the unknown, Kat took a relatively small jump and just moved to the city.

By and large, she had been happy here.  Maybe that was played out, though. That was definitely a thought to explore.

Huh… the ex-husband… she hadn’t thought of him in a long time. Well, Kat chuckled to herself, at least the perpetual scowl on her face lately wasn’t because of him.

to be continued…

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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