WTF Friday vol.1

Really?  A shit problem?

Howdy, folks! Dissy here kicking off our first edition of WTF Friday!! *insert canned studio applause*

We’re, by and large, still figuring out how we’re going to format some of our weekly standards, so bear with us while we work it out.  Here’s what we came up with for this week:

I fished on Google for a WTF topic.  I’m going to introduce it, say my brief piece, then pass it on over to Barb.  She has to write about it.  No whining, griping, or complaining about the topic.  Next week, she finds the WTF and I have to tackle it.  This method, of course, is subject to change at our whim.

Most of the time, my sense of humor is compared to that of an 8 year old boy.  Especially when it comes to bodily functions.  One of my favorite things is the poop emoji, and one of my catch phrases is “poop is always funny” (until I step in a pile that Daisy-Lou left in our yard). Keeping in line with that, I give you this fun WTF Friday fact:

Mount Everest has a human feces problem, and it’s only getting worse. One climber described the mountain as having “pyramids of human excrement.”

Have any of you been to Mount Everest?  Can anyone confirm this for me?  I mean, I’m pretty sure that they don’t have those national park bathrooms that smell like 8 billion pound urinal cakes.  Who is going to service THAT, Scuzzlebutt?  It stands to reason, for me, that this would probably be true.  On some level, anyhow.  But “pyramids”? Do enough people really go there?  And why would they shit on another person’s pile of shit in order to build a “pyramid”? I mean, do we know they aren’t Bigfoot pyramids of dookie? Or, what about aliens? Giorgio and his hair might have something to say about that.

Take it over, Barb!

Barb here, I’ve totally heard of this!

From what I understand, Mt Everest has gotten stupidly packed, because anyone with a lot of money and no self-preservation instincts can give it a whirl. Amazing how frequently those two things go together, isn’t it? Also, fun fact, poop does not decompose at eleventy billion degrees below zero. So yeah, poop. Poop everywhere. Which is making me wonder about the logistics of dropping your pants and sticking your butt out when the temperature is something slightly colder than Pluto. Has anyone had to chip it loose after it freezes to their sphincter?

Also, as much as I know my co-blogger here loves Bigfoot, I think Everest is more his cousin’s territory, so it would be Abominable Snowman pyramids, wouldn’t it? That is, unless Giorgio’s hair has had the answers all along!

Dissy’s rebuttal: I canNOT even BELIEVE you already knew about this. HOW is that possible? Oh, wait… you did know about the guillotine-looking toe thingie, so why not about mountains of shit on the mountain of all mountains? Well… I can’t wait to see what you come up with for me.

Cent’anni, Bitches!

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